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Partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) has many benefits, including the ability to scale resources up or down quickly, getting access to specialized skill sets and proactive support, and business continuity. When you are shopping for a new provider, however, the topic of contracts usually comes up. Does the MSP require one, and if so, for how long are you locked-in?

A contract term that lasts months – or even years – could be a challenge if you partner with an MSP that isn’t the right fit. In fact, it could affect productivity and your bottom line. Our contract provides a Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are not happy, we will release you from your contract with no penalties.  It’s that simple.

We won’t lock you in

MSPs require a contract for all clients. Having this in place allows them to forecast staffing needs and consistency of their revenue. However, if you’re the client, a lengthy contract with the wrong company is problematic.  Our Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that we provide the service you need.

Here are a few reasons why a Managed Service Provider such as Executive IT Help in Houston is beneficial:

  • If the service is poor, you aren’t locked-in.  We guarantee satisfaction, if we can’t remedy a conflict, we will dissolve the contract with no penalty.
  • When business needs change, you can scale up or down. Your business needs may change, and perhaps you need to scale the required MSP services up or down. Executive IT Help will work with you to provide a custom service plan that fits your IT needs and budget.
  •  Technology needs can change, and with Executive IT Help, you have more flexibility to adjust. As your business needs change, so too will your technology needs.  If so, you need the flexibility to make those changes without penalty.


Do you have questions about the benefits of using an MSP in the greater Houston area? If so, call us at 832-295-1411 or email Executive IT Help today.

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