Backup and Disaster Recovery is the insurance you need

Backup and Disaster Recovery

A catastrophic system failure creates chaos. Gone are billing and inventory records, customer lists … miscellaneous reports. To recreate this information from scratch is expensive and time consuming. And depending on how much damage was done to the computer systems, it could be days, weeks or even months before operations return to normal. Unless you have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place.  Traditional insurance policies can replace your equipment, but can’t replace your data.  Be secure!

Our managed services contract provides monitoring and maintenance, as well as phone and onsite support for one low monthly price.  We don’t  hit you with high service call charges for support when something goes wrong.  Our managed services plan gives you the peace of mind of continued support that is just a phone call away.  Controlling IT costs has never been easier.  Let us be your IT department!


We service the greater Houston area, severe weather is always a threat, but there are many causes of system failure. There’s no way to predict the future, and Murphy’s Law tells us that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. If you don’t have a well-thought out recovery plan, your company’s data is teetering on the edge of a cliff without a safety net.

Types of Threats

Here are some of the scenarios where BDR proves to be most helpful:

User Error

We all make mistakes, like accidentally clicking a malicious link, misplacing a mobile device or deleting something we intended to save. User error was cited as the leading cause of data loss in a 2015 Databarracks survey. Backup plays an important role in ensuring these mistakes don’t turn into serious problems.  Our backup solution works silently in the background creating incremental backups.  As your team is working, our solution is constantly saving their work – oftentimes more frequently than they would.

Hardware Failure

Different hard drives, servers, desktops and other devices have varying life expectancy and refresh cycles, but hardware often fails. Whether it’s due to normal wear and tear, defects, or the unexplainable, businesses need to be prepared.

We can help ensure that entire datasets are replicated and accessible should something suddenly stop working.

File Corruption & Software Failure

Software will also occasionally fail. Files and data can become corrupted and things may be deleted without warning. In addition to providing complete restores for entire machines, BDR allows for data recovery so restoring that Excel database that was accidently deleted  is no problem.

Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather

According to Climate Change Preparedness and the Small Business Sector, small businesses lose an average of $3,000 per day after closing due to a major storm. With the regularity of these events in certain locations and resulting power outages, small leaks and other less severe issues creating costly downtime, BDR is a no-brainer.  In the event of a hurricane or severe flooding, our Backup and Disaster Recovery services should be the first step in your Business Continuity plan.  Backup and Disaster Recovery is your insurance plan for your company’s data and survival should you encounter a major disaster.

Insider Threats

If a disgruntled employee were to intentionally encrypt, delete, steal or corrupt sensitive information, having that data backed up ensures that it can be recovered and restored. This isn’t to say that BDR can necessarily prevent such behavior, but it helps to mitigate damage.


Cyber-criminals are working full time to develop new methods of attacking your system. Viruses, malware and cybercrime – especially – are an increasingly- dangerous threat today. What would happen if you could not access your data tomorrow?  Ransomware has successfully shut down businesses large and small and Ransomware activity is on the rise.

Unfortunately, most small to medium size businesses do not have the onsite resources to work full time at protecting their data.  Educated staff, tools and resources needed to fend off cyber-attacks are expensive for a small to medium size business to employ.  A “set it and forget it” policy is not sufficient in today’s environment and leaves your data vulnerable to a costly attack.

Once infected, cleaning and retrieving data will be costly in ransom or other recovery methods in addition to loss of productivity.  It may not stop there, ransomware attacks are now being deployed to mask other malicious attacks including data exfiltration and malware installation.  So while your IT resources are focusing on clearing out the ransomware, this layered cyber-attack may be used to access sensitive information.  It is critical that individuals and businesses be aware of the threat and take steps to secure their systems. In addition, a business continuity plan needs to be in place.

A Backup and Disaster Recovery plan can have you back up and running with minimal cost and lost time.

With our managed IT services, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a full team of IT specialists keeping your systems in excellent working order and your network doors “locked”. For a small, fixed monthly fee, we monitor your systems 24/7, apply patches, ensure backups, keep viruses at bay, and perform a host of other proactive measures. Little problems don’t become big — and expensive — and in most instances, you won’t even know there was ever an issue.  However, if there is a problem, we are available to help you resolve it!


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