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Are you still trying to find the right IT person for your SMB?

In house IT staff may not be the answer.

Browsing through job listings, there are quite a few small and medium size businesses searching for the right person to be their “IT Dept”.  They may be better off considering outsourcing IT Services instead.  The long list of skills required, summed up with a minimum of  1 – 2 years’ experience required demonstrates a true lack of understanding on the part of the employer regarding the years of experience and education actually required to accumulate all of the necessary skills to manage IT.  Many SMB owners are not IT professionals so it is understandable that they do not have a grasp on the complexities involved.  Consider a Managed IT Services provider instead.

Yet, this is the person/position that they will make responsible for securing their company data.  In addition, the IT person now holds the keys to the entire company.  This means that all of the company’s important data can be controlled by one person and can put the company at risk if they leave or become malicious toward the organization.  Many SMB owners don’t have the experience to know the qualities of a good IT tech, so it is difficult to interview and hire the right person.

In addition, in today’s ever changing environment, it takes a team to truly manage your IT infrastructure regardless of your company size.  The experience, education and tools required to constantly respond to the rapidly changing threats to your company and client’s data involves more than a basic knowledge of operating systems and active directory.   By hiring an IT employee with minimal experience and expecting them to be able to run and secure your entire infrastructure is setting them up to fail, as well as putting your company and clients at risk.

SMBs must balance a range of challenges in managing their IT function because they don’t have the skills or resources required to fully meet their needs. To address this problem, many businesses have turned to the support of managed services providers.  For a low monthly fee, we offer remote monitoring and management of Servers and Desktops, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Cyber-Security, Mobile Device Management and an IT Help Desk that is available to you at all times.

Data Security Requires Consistent, Vigilant Monitoring and Maintenance

With all of the various threats to your company’s data and factoring in the impact of exploited network or system vulnerabilities, an inexperienced individual cannot keep up with cyber-criminals working full time to attack your system.

Did you know?

  • 79 percent of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t have an incident response plan.
  • Signature-based antivirus solutions detect on average less than 19 percent of malware threats.
  • The number of new ransomware families is predicted to rise 25 percent in 2017.
  • 51 percent of business owners are unfamiliar with unified threat management (UTM) and do not fully understand its security benefits.

So instead of hiring an individual to manage your entire IT infrastructure, consider partnering with us for your IT needs.   Our fixed costs is easy on the budget and provides you with a full, experienced IT department without the costs and hassles associated with hiring, training and retention.


Technology is our language. It’s our only task and our only goal – so we live and breathe it. Our technology pros are spending countless hours handling IT operations and troubleshooting challenges, so this expertise is working in your favor. Executive IT Help solves your most frustrating problems faster, minimizing or avoiding costly downtime.

Plus, since service is a top priority, we’re treating our employees exceptionally well so that they can better take care of our customers. As a result, our employee retention rates are above average for the industry, allowing you to get to know the people who are handling your technology needs.


We also understand that technology problems are urgent. Your workflow is interrupted, and as a result, you may be frustrated. And nothing increases this frustration more than being required to open a formal “work ticket.” You’ve already lost productivity, and now you must jump through one more hoop to meet the challenge.

We don’t operate this way.

Instead, we take a service-based approach. Call us, email us – or open a ticket – we don’t have a preference. Use the method that you prefer, and know that when you reach out, we’re there to help.

The person who responds will handle your matter from start to finish. We employ only highly experienced experts who are equally qualified to handle your needs, regardless of difficulty level.


We enjoy solving IT challenges. It’s what we do. Offload these tasks so you can free up valuable time and boost productivity. For more information, call us at 832-295-1411 or email us today.

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