Jeff K. – Review of Outsourced IT

OUTSOURCED IT SATISFACTION – Our company first engaged Executive IT Help services in November 2010 when we outsourced our IT function, and since that time Executive IT Help has been our exclusive provider. We have been exceptionally pleased in all respects over the past 7 years, and feel we have received fair value for the consistently top quality and super responsive service provided. Regardless of the situation, Executive IT Help responds immediately and quickly provides a solution. They are very pro-active, and monitor our systems in real time to identify potential fault conditions before they occur. On several occasions they have advised us we could be about to experience a server fault or drive failure, and they immediately came out to replace the failing component before disaster occurred. When we had accounting system problems, file corruptions, and inadvertently deleted files which we could not locate, they came to the rescue promptly each time and saved the day. I highly recommend Executive IT Help, and cannot say enough good things about them!

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