Updated Software is key to securing your data
Securing your data – updated software is expensive. However, losing your data to ransomware is much more costly.

With ransomware and other malicious attacks on the rise, securing your data is more important than ever.  A common vulnerability is running outdated software.  Professional software is expensive, so transitioning to new versions of office software including operating systems on servers sometimes gets bumped from the budget.  Running outdated Operating Systems and/or productivity software that have reached the “End of Life” is dangerous and leaves you vulnerable to ransomware and other cyber-attacks.  Your server still works fine, why spend money to upgrade?   Once software reaches End of Life, security patches and updates that plug vulnerabilities are no longer available.  Using outdated software may allow you to continue to run your business, but it puts your data and your client’s information at great risk.  Upgrading and migrating to newer software is expensive, but not updating could be devastating.

Locking the doors – updated software, backups and technology

Multiple layers of technology can help with securing your data, a disaster recovery plan can protect your business in case of an intrusion.

  1. Backups – Backups are a basic function and something we all know we should have.  But how good is your backup plan?
    • Are your backups running on a regular basis? If all of your files were encrypted right now, how old is your backup?  How much data would you lose?  An hour, a day, a week, a month?
    • Are the backup files verified that they are viable and complete? How often do you test the backup files to make sure they are useable?  Backups, even if run regularly, need to be verified on a regular basis.  A bad backup does no good.
    • Is your backup system attached and accessible through your network? If so, what steps have been taken to insure that it is not affected by malware?  Ransomware will encrypt your backup files rendering them useless if the drives are accessible on your network.
  1. Firewall – A Unified threat management system is a powerful solution for networks that helps you stay ahead of the game in cyber security.
  2. Antivirus – a good antivirus solution is a necessity.
  3. Timely installation of updates and patches including necessary reboot are a must.  Sure, updates can be a pain and seem to run at the most inopportune time, but turning them off is a gamble.  A MSP can work with you to manage update and patch installation so as not to interfere with your business operations.

Securing your Data is a full time job

Unless you have a full time IT staff that is dedicated to protecting your data, an IT Managed Services Provider is an affordable solution to keep your Network, equipment and software updated and secure.

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