Outsourced IT Makes Sense for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Outsourced IT vs Direct Hire

Executive IT Help, Inc Outsourced IT provides an experienced, responsive, professional team to handle your IT environment. In most cases, our Managed IT Services are less expensive than a direct hire. Outsourcing IT makes sense for small and medium sized businesses

Browsing through job listings, there are quite a few small and medium size businesses searching for the right person to be their “IT Dept”.  They may be better off considering outsourcing IT Services instead.  The long list of skills required, summed up with a minimum of  1 – 2 years’ experience required demonstrates a true lack of understanding on the part of the employer regarding the years of experience and education actually required to accumulate all of the necessary skills to manage IT.  Many SMB owners are not IT professionals so it is understandable that they do not have a grasp on the complexities involved.

Outsourcing IT is More Cost Efficient Than Direct Hire for Small Business

An IT Specialist in Houston will cost approximately $67, 892 per year.  Even with such a high expenditure for a specialist, this means all of the company’s important data can be controlled by one person and can put the company at risk if they leave or become malicious toward the organization.  In addition, additional cost will add up due to necessary training and software.   As Technology and Cyber Crime evolve, continuous training is required to stay abreast of changes.  It is difficult for one trained professional to keep up.  It takes a team to truly manage your IT infrastructure regardless of your company sizeOutsourced IT is the perfect solution.

The experience, education and tools required to constantly respond to the rapidly changing threats to your company and client’s data involves more than a basic knowledge of operating systems and active directory.   You could save money by hiring an IT employee with minimal experience and expect them to be able to run and secure your entire infrastructure.  But this is setting them up to fail, as well as putting your company and clients at risk.

Our Managed IT Services are the Perfect Solution

Executive IT Help, Inc. was formed in 2005 by Fadi Bayeh. After obtaining his Masters in Computer Science and working for Fortune 100 companies, Fadi founded EITH with the mission to empower small and medium sized business to get the most out of technology by offering qualified but affordable IT Support.  Several of his original customers are still clients today. Fadi’s success in maintaining and keeping his clients is a direct result of the company culture and employee retention.  The Managed IT Services model requires consistency in staffing and experience.  Our team of highly trained professionals are long term, averaging over 8 years with EITH.  This continuity in staffing allows you and your staff to get to know and trust our team.  We become an extension of your company and are just a phone call away when you need help.

Technology is our language. It’s our only task and our only goal – so we live and breathe it. Our technology pros are spending countless hours handling IT operations and troubleshooting challenges, so this expertise is working in your favor. Executive IT Help solves your most frustrating problems faster, minimizing or avoiding costly downtime.  Maximize Technology to Increase Productivity and Grow Your Business.

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Outsourced IT is the Perfect Solution