I have worked with Executive IT for many years. They helped us purchase our first server and then set us up in The Cloud when that became a more appropriate option. Everyone at Executive IT is smart and responsive. And, they help explain options in language I can understand. I’m a business owner and not an IT expert so I especially appreciate their patience as they help me navigate IT decisions. I recommend this company highly.
Terri Ammerman
Executive IT is a great business partner. We engaged their services in 2016 and they greatly improved our IT environment - increasing security and performance. They guide us through our IT decisions, helping us make decisions that are best for our entity. I would highly recommend Executive IT.
HR Vita-Living
Executive IT has handled my companies IT needs for more than 10 years and I can’t say anything but positive things!!! They are always there to take our calls right away and solve any issue we may be having in an extremely timely manner. Also, always knowing I can rest assured that our systems and back up are being maintained at the highest level is great comfort!
Hillary Burke
The Team at Executive IT is great! We have been loyal clients of theirs for many years now and will continue to be... Very responsive and very professional!
Ivan Dominguez
Executive IT Help, Inc. responds on a very impressive timely manner; has outstanding customer service; provides solutions and options to the service that best suits our business; and has a proactive approach to continue to keep us running smoothly and without surprises. Thank you EITH for giving Noble Machine, LLC Class A+ Service.
Nancy Garcia
We started using Executive IT about a year ago and have been very pleased with their help and support!
Dave T.
Joan Gelfond
Eight years ago, our small company needed to upgrade our server and our outdated software. After an exhaustive search of local companies that fit our IT needs, we decided to engage EITH. Fadi, Brian and Chris met with us to determine our immediate needs and fully discussed our options. What impressed us the most was their professional approach to the problem. After listing and examining what our options were, we sat down and finalized the plans and the process. To minimize the impact on our offices, they suggested doing the installation and migration to the new server after hours. They came to the office on a Friday evening and proceeded to do the installation. Due to their preparation and planning everything went smoothly. The seamless migration to the new server was impressive. They coordinated and worked well with our staff and in house It professional. By the next work week, the users at the office had new logins and passwords. Brian was there to answer any questions and literally held the users hands for training on the new server. After a few days, the users had no more questions. Any problems that showed up after the install were immediately addressed through a simple phone call or email. We have been happy with their service. Last year we upgraded to a new server and the process was just as seamless as the first one. Thanks to EITH, and the hard working people there.
Justo Corpuz
Anne Brister
Great company and great support, will recommend them.
Fred Jan
My company is a medium sized Houston based company with (28) employees. We live or die by the integrity of our data flow to and from our clients. Executive IT Help has been our IT provider for about (8) years. Fadi and his team are available at all times to address issues that arise with our network. With a computer network, it is not if, but when you will have some sort of problem and we get virtually instant response to our needs. We are extremely pleased with their service, knowledge and integrity.
Jim M., - CEO
Executive IT Help has been wonderful to work with for the past 10 years. They have a great almost immediate response time for any problems or issues that may arise. We would highly recommend working with Executive IT Help.
Maudie W., - Director
What a great company to partner with.  Executive IT is comprised of a very knowledgeable team willing to learn your company’s infrastructure and invest in your company.  They have exceeded our expectations and continue to provide great service and quick response when issues do come up.  We are never down, unless it is a scheduled service.
Brian D., - Inventory Manager
OUTSOURCED IT SATISFACTION - Our company first engaged Executive IT Help services in November 2010 when we outsourced our IT function, and since that time Executive IT Help has been our exclusive provider. We have been exceptionally pleased in all respects over the past 7 years, and feel we have received fair value for the consistently top quality and super responsive service provided. Regardless of the situation, Executive IT Help responds immediately and quickly provides a solution. They are very pro-active, and monitor our systems in real time to identify potential fault conditions before they occur. On several occasions they have advised us we could be about to experience a server fault or drive failure, and they immediately came out to replace the failing component before disaster occurred. When we had accounting system problems, file corruptions, and inadvertently deleted files which we could not locate, they came to the rescue promptly each time and saved the day. I highly recommend Executive IT Help, and cannot say enough good things about them!
Jeff K. - Review of Outsourced IT, - President


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