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Executive IT Help, Inc. - Houston Network Support provider. Complete IT department with fast, dependable response.
Houston Network Support provider. Complete IT department with fast, dependable response.

Network Support – Design and Implementation

Your network is the foundation of your system, and care should be taken to select the best technology. As your business grows, we can assist with ensuring that your network supports increased demand and foresees any challenges before they occur.  Our network support expertise includes local, on-site servers, as well as, cloud based servers.  We will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your network design and implementation is exactly what you need for now and future growth.Houston Area Network Design and Support for small and medium business

Connectivity services

We offer a variety of connectivity services – such as remote access and VPNs, Internet, voice over Internet protocol, and much more – that help you connect with customers, connect and work from remote locations without compromising the security of your network.

Network assessments

We offer a complete health check service that assists customers with evaluating their existing IT environment. We analyze every aspect of your current IT structure – from the desktops to the firewall – and provide a detailed report with suggested recommendations. Our network support includes reporting to keep you in the loop.  On a regular basis, we’ll generate reports on the state of your systems, letting you know of any potential problems that fall outside safe parameters of our managed IT services. Maintenance and support

We provide ongoing maintenance and network support to keep you up and running. We take a proactive approach that minimizes downtime and risk of disruption of your daily workflow.

Complete Verified Backups

Our backup system completes backups down to as often as every 15 minutes to ensure data availability in case of a disaster.   In addition to our automated back up system, we manually verify each backup file on a monthly basis by recovering files from each backup file.  Automated systems work very well, but we like to double check that everything is working properly.


Let Us Be Your IT Department

Unexpected technology events can bring your productivity to a startling halt. It’s frustrating, time-consuming and worst of all – costly. We provide small to midsize businesses with total IT care at a fixed, monthly cost.  In addition to monitoring and preventative maintenance, computer support our techs are a phone call away to help with day to day issues – no extra charge for covered equipment.

For a small fee, we maintain a 24/7 watch over your entire IT environment. Potential problems are quickly analyzed, dealt with – and in many cases, solved without your staff knowing that a problem existed.

Each service agreement is customizable, so you’re never locked into a one-size-fits-all solution. We get to know your technology needs, so we can tailor-make a total IT care solution that fits your business – and your budget. A variety of solutions are available.

Our managed IT  services contract provides monitoring and maintenance, as well as phone and onsite support for one low monthly price.  We don’t install and then leave you, then hit you with high service call charges for support when something goes wrong.  Our managed services plan gives you the peace of mind of continued support that is just a phone call away with a fixed monthly fee.

We Don’t Hold You Hostage with Financial Penalties

Most IT companies have a long term contract and a financial penalty if you want out of your contract early.  EITH believes that service is our contract.  By providing you with quality service, a well planned network and quick response time, we won’t give you a reason to want to get out of your contract.  But if we can’t make you happy, just give 30 days notice and the contract ends.  No penalty charges or escalated fees.

Do you have questions about managed IT services?

If so, let’s talk. We’ll show you the easiest and most affordable way to maintain your IT systems for top business performance. For more information, call us at 832-295-1411 or email us today.  Controlling IT costs has never been easier.  Let us be your IT department!

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