Free Avengers: Endgame Download You Found Online? It’s a Scam!

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If you’re looking to stream or download blockbuster movies when they’re still in theaters, you probably shouldn’t. Why not? Well, first and foremost, this is called piracy and it is illegal. Secondly, any “free downloads” you do find will likely be a scam.  Think about it, if the provider is stealing their product and putting it out illegally, why would you trust them?

Recently, a popular search engine result for Avengers: Endgame claims to offer either a download or a full viewing of the blockbuster hit. The movie even begins streaming automatically, but you’re prompted to make an account shortly after. Creating an account is free, but you soon find that you must “validate” your account using your credit card details.

Don’t be fooled! If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Remember the following to stay safe when browsing online:

  • Never download anything from an unfamiliar or questionable website. Especially if the download could be stolen, and therefore illegal, material.
  • Never give information to a website you can’t trust. Even if you don’t enter credit card data, simply creating an account makes your email address more vulnerable to future scams–especially phishing attacks.
  • Never reuse passwords. If you create an account on a dangerous site, scammers will try to use your email and password combination to break into your other accounts.

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