Watch Out for Fake Legal Threats in Your Inbox

Fake Legal Threats by Email

The bad guys are currently using fake legal threats to scare you into downloading their malicious attachments. These email scams typically inform you that your organization is going to be sued. You’re instructed to review the attached file for details and to respond within a few days or further action will be taken against you. Once you open the attachment, which is usually a Microsoft Word document, your computer is instantly infected with Malware.

Remember the following to avoid falling victim to scams such as this:

  • Attackers are known for using shocking, aggressive, and time-sensitive scenarios to pressure you into opening attachments or clicking links. Always stop and think before clicking on links in emails or downloading any attachments.
  • Never open any attachments that you weren’t expecting. Even if the attachment appears to be from someone you know, pick up the phone to verify it’s legitimate.
  • If your organization was being sued, it likely would not be notified via email. Research the supposed sender and reach out to them over the phone if you’re concerned it may be legitimate.

For more details, check out this blog from Brian Krebs