Data is among your company’s most valued assets. In fact, a recent FEMA report estimates that 40 to 60 percent of small to midsize businesses won’t survive a data calamity.  Ransomware is one of the most prolific and damaging of cyber-attacks in the world. We discussed this in our blog last week.   If you are connected in anyway, even just for email or web browsing, you are a potential target.

A common method of infection is through email attachments.  Spoofing of bank and government agency emails also appear at first glance to be legit, but in fact contain the ransomware in an attachment or link to an infected website.  These phishing emails are very successful as individuals open the attachments without realizing they are unleashing dangerous code.

Sophisticated email attacks get by even the most conscientious employee

Employees need to be educated on the risks of cyber-attacks, but the attacks are much more sophisticated now and can get past even the most cautious user. The bad guys do a little research on your website, then send emails that appear to come from the company CEO or other executive.  An attachment, once opened, then infects the user’s computer and spreads throughout the network.  Basically, all files that the user can access will be targeted by the ransomware.  Data security is compromised.

One of the most effective phishing scams involved an email which appeared to be from the post office or other delivery company where the attached file was labeled as updated tracking.  Emails from fake vendors with an overdue “invoice” attached is another theme that has been seen quite a bit.

Solutions to stop ransomware

We provide effective and reliable email protection against all potential threats, including spam, viruses, spyware and harmful malware for Houston small and medium size businesses. Comprehensive email security solutions protect your entire network, safeguarding all communications and information integrity.  Our solution checks all emails and attachments before they get to your server.  The security of your data is of  utmost importance.  Don’t risk your business by taking a chance that it won’t happen to you.

The majority of IT providers require a long-term contract, but when you find one that doesn’t, you get greater flexibility. If you aren’t happy at any time, you can simply cancel your service, so the provider is much more motivated to keep you happy.  We are experts at protecting your business and maximizing security.

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