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Cybercrime has gone pro over the last 10 years. Attacks have become much more sophisticated and intense. The bad guys bypass your firewall/antivirus security software and ‘social engineer’ (manipulate) your employees to click on a malicious link or open an infected attachment. A few days later the organization’s bank accounts are empty, or valuable corporate intellectual property is stolen. Another cyberheist victim. It’s happening right now, as you read this.

If you rely on only security software like antivirus to protect your organization, you have a false sense of security. The human element of security is being neglected. A surprising percentage of organizations do not have an effective security awareness program in place. And that results in thousands of organizations being the victim of a cyberheist.

Yes, you need endpoint protection, but you also need to train all employees. Effective Security Awareness Training is no luxury anymore, it is a must.


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