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Cyber-criminals are working full time to develop new methods of attacking your system with ransomware, are you working as hard to protect it?

Hackers infect through email, unsecured websites and probe ports on your servers through the internet looking for open ports and other vulnerabilities.  Ransomware infections are on the rise due to these creative measures. The latest attack, WannaCry Ransomware affected businesses in over 70 countries on May 12th, on May 13th a new version was released and continued the attacks.

Unfortunately, most small to medium size businesses do not have the onsite resources to work full time at protecting their data.  Educated staff, tools and resources needed to fend off cyber-attacks are expensive for a small to medium size business to employ.  A “set it and forget it” policy is not sufficient in today’s environment and leaves your data vulnerable to a costly attack.

Once infected, cleaning and retrieving data will be costly in ransom or other recovery methods in addition to loss of productivity.  It may not stop there, ransomware attacks are now being deployed to mask other malicious attacks including data exfiltration and malware installation.  So while your IT resources are focusing on clearing out the ransomware, this layered cyber-attack may be used to access sensitive information.  It is critical that individuals and businesses be aware of the threat and take steps to secure their systems. In addition, a business continuity plan needs to be in place.

Would you leave your office doors unlocked all night and weekend? WannaCry successfully exploited vulnerabilities.

Most individuals and businesses install security on their systems when they are new.  Firewalls, anti-virus and backups are usually installed with the “latest and greatest” at the time.  However, for various reasons these systems are not adequately maintained and updated, thus the doors to your servers are often “unlocked”.

A common vulnerability is running outdated software. Either your software (including your operating systems) are old and have reached End of Life or updates and patches are not installed on a regular basis.  Software that has reached EOL is no longer supported and security patches are not available.  Updates and patches are released when vulnerabilities are discovered.  However, they have to be installed to protect your environment.

Our Proactive Approach Improves Your Productivity and “locks your doors”

With our managed IT services, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a full team of IT specialists keeping your systems in excellent working order and your network doors “locked”. For a small, fixed monthly fee, we monitor your systems 24/7, apply patches, ensure backups, keep viruses at bay, and perform a host of other proactive measures. Little problems don’t become big — and expensive — and in most instances, you won’t even know there was ever an issue.  However, if there is a problem, we are available to help you resolve it!


We are experts at protecting your business and maximizing security. For more information, call us at 832-295-1411 or email us today.

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